Vocal Coaching Cape Town

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My tuition is specialized to assist the  contemporary singer to master the vocal techniques needed for the demands of commercial singing. Lessons are technical and aimed at developing the voice to it's full potential. My lessons are not suitable for children. I will consider girls from the age of 12 and boys from the age of 16, but these admissions will be subject to the results of the assessment.


Free Assessment  - No Obligation

 A needs analysis will be done on the first appointment where I, together with the client, will assess the vocal needs and determine if I am the right fit as teacher.


All lessons are one on one and will consist of the following:

  • Warm-up, during which the status of the voice will be assessed
  • Correcting and working on problem areas
  • Various exercises building stamina, agility, ear training, etc
  • Applications to song

     The specific areas which will be addressed are:

  • orientation towards the instrument ( physics/ anatomy/ workings of vocal folds.etc)
  • breathing
  • developing diaphragmatic control and support
  • diminishing and erasing laryngeal tension
  • optimal usage of pharyngeal resonators 
  • identifying and dealing with articulator tension
  • developing a strong "mix" (blend between chest and head)
  • increasing range
  • developing tone and power
  • building stamina
  • vocal health and maintenance
  • repertoire
  • music industry

Duration of Lessons

 60 minutes, consisting of warm up, rehabilitation and application to actual material.


Sessions are  60 minutes in duration

R400 per session

Lessons are to be booked in advance and fees payable up front.


12 x lessons @ R4000. Payable upfront. Savings of more than R60 per lesson. Limited amount available.


Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm

Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm

Sessions to be arranged according to availability of client and my schedule



40 Queens Park Avenue

Salt River

40 Queens Park Avenue, Salt River

T & C's


  • All package fees to be paid in full upfront before or on the 3rd day of the month. EFT transfers into       bank account as mentioned on invoice preferred
  • First time students who starts in the middle of the month - fees payable by receipt of first invoice.


  • In the case of a student not being able to attend the lesson, I have to be notified at least 24 hours in advance. That hour will be worked in at my discretion and availability.
  • Please note that, lessons cancelled by the student, will NOT be credited, but worked in.
  • Should the student not be available for a full or half month, due to holiday or work reasons, those lesson times will be credited, if I am notified a month in advance.
  • I reserve the right to move an appointment that was rescheduled by the student, should this time become impractical for me. This will not be viewed as a cancellation on my side.
  • I do my utmost to work in any missed lesson as soon as possible, or credit those times towards the editing of recordings made by the student.
  • Please note that if you had to terminate lessons already paid for, because of work or financial reasons – those lessons will have to be worked in within a six week period from termination.
  • Lessons cancelled on short notice, i.e. on the day, will unfortunately be forfeited, unless it is an unforeseen illness, in which case, I will work in the missed session
  • I reserve the right to reschedule/cancel timeslots and days to accommodate for any unforeseen events.
  • In the case of myself cancelling a lesson, that time will be worked in or the student credited for that lesson, should a work in not be possible
  • A month’s notice should be given in the case of terminating the lessons.
  • Students will receive reading material and exercises for home practice.


  • I have the facility to record vocals and this is very useful to monitor the student’s progress or demo’s. The recording sessions can take place in a lesson time, but the editing of those recordings, takes place in my own time and any missed lessons can be used to account for my time spent on this, should the student not be able to work in the missed lessons

Please note that I am not a pianist. We usually work from karaoke tracks that is downloaded from youtube. Should a student require an accompanist, it can be arranged.

AMANDA LUYT. 082 445 5758.